Education, Is it what we really think it is?

Being educated means something different to everyone. Does having a college degree, master degree, P.H.D.make you the master or geru of your trade or profession? Does it make you smarter than those who do not hold a certificate or have 2 or 3 placks on their wall? Does obtaining a degree get you ready for lifes challenges? Are you prepared to deal with the everyday game that you will be playing after graduation?

Did they tell you that you were being groomed to play your part in a game? Did you even know that you are playing a game? Sadly to say that no one teaches you about the game. It’s something that you have to learn on your own. As you grow and go about your everyday life, you begin to realize that things aren’t what you taught they were. You are told to accept things just because “thats the way it is”. You begin to ask “why”. You are told “just be quiet and do it”.
True knowledge and understanding comes from learning about who “YOU” are and where you come from. Taking a look at yourself and developing the person “YOU” really are. There are no blueprints out there that everyone must or can follow. No two people are the same, however, we are one. Look into yourself. Start today. You have a lot of energy within that you are expelling and giving to others. Learn how to rejuvenate your self,  strengthen yourself mentally, physically &  spiritually. 

The Internet is full of information.  However, if you are not sure  exactly where to begin, a good place to start would be at Secret Energy dot com or on You Tube at Innerstanding. You will be amazed with what you will learn. There are lots of free downloads, blogs and information to assist you with activating yourself & becoming the best you. I went through life this far, thinking I knew but didn’t…………

LIFE – Keep Creating Yourself

We all have one life to live……..Or do we? It all depends on your beliefs.  I can say that each decade that I live through, I learn something new.  In my twenties, all I could think about was getting married and having children.  In my thirties, I wanted my salon to blossom into a multi-million dollar establishment! LOL!  That didn’t happen, however, I am thankful for the experience and the great staff and clients that I had.  In my fourties, I couldn’t wait for my children to graduate from college and be on their own.  Living their own dreams and taking care of themselves.


Now, I am in my Fifties!  Its a new day!  Free to do as I like, Go where I want to.  Create new experiences!  This is the best time of my LIFE!!  Who Knew?  Well, I am here to tell you ladies and gentlemen that as long as you have good health and strength, along with a vision, you can reinvent yourself at any age.  Create whatever you like for yourself. It all starts in your mind.

I am about to embark on a new venture in the Cosmetology Field. I am so excited!!   Always dream big, take care of yourself and keep learning.  Their are lots of opportunity for you out there at any age.

The Day Leading up to Easter Sunday

The day before the Easter Holiday can be very exhausting for a Hairstylist.  Little girls have to get their candy curls.  Ladies who will be attending sunrise services want to make sure their mane is colored, cut and styled.  As Stylist, it is our duties to wake up early and be available for our clients on the Saturday before Easter.  Some of you work hard all day long, sometimes without a break.

Much taught isn’t given to the Stylist who has a family waiting for them to come home.   No one ever ask if she (the stylist) has the time to run to the mall to buy last minutes items for their children.  Or will she (the stylist) be able to start cooking the big dinner that night or early in the morning after an exhausting day.


I just want to tell ALL the Hairstylist, Nail Techs, Massage Therapist, Braiders and any other service profession out there THANK YOU for helping to make everyone Look their best for this special day.  Because of your hard work and dedication, men, women and children are looking beautiful this morning. HAPPY EASTER to all!  Remember the reason for this season!:-)

Inside of ME


As I cleansed, I washed away parts of me. Things I held onto, things I didn’t need.  I meditated night and day, I released things that have decayed.  I went deep inside and asked myself why?  I gave myself permission to be sad, permission to cry.  Then finally permission to say good-bye.

Time has passed, time has elapsed. I just erased all that was in my space.  Everything is gone…….  I need to move on.  In a state, not sure its my place.  My house is clean, not sure what that really means.

Born again, strength renewed.  Time to face the day without any delay.  The sun will shine, I will be divine.  My fog is gone, my path is clear.  To my delight, I can now see the light.

*Day Five of my Cleansing Journey*

The Beginning of my Journey to WHOLENESS

This post today is the beginning of documenting my journey from living a life the way everyone wanted me to live. To finally taking responsibility and branching out to becoming my true self.  I realize now that my body has so much more potential to do things and go places that I never dreamed of.

Year after year, I keep on saying to myself that I will live my life the way I wanted too.  I kept saying that I don’t care what others think of me……but deep down inside, I really cared.  I was raised to believe certain things that weren’t  true. I walked the straight and narrow path that was passed down to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for my past experiences, they made me who I am today.  I am in a good place and eager to learn more every day.  I don’t regret the lessons that I was taught at a young age, the beliefs that I had.  The rituals that I preformed and my way of thinking was all passed down to me with good intentions. However, I always had a gut feeling that there was more to this life than what my eyes could see. I always had a yearning for truth.  So I began searching for answers as to who I really am. Where do I belong.  What is my true purpose here on this earth.  Where will  I go after death etc.  I’ve always been curious about, lucid dreaming, natural healing just to mention a few things.

One day, I was on You Tube looking around and listening to a few speakers who were talking about spirituality.  I am not quite sure how I stumbled across a man named James Sevan Bomar, however, I’m so glad I did because he has changed my life.

When I started listening to James Sevan Bomar, I will admit that a lot of the things he was sharing went over my head big time! lol. I didn’t understand much of what he was saying, however, something inside of me kept saying “listen – you will understand, you’ll get it”.   I would click on video after video to see if I could find one that my mind could comprehend the message.  I wondered how this young man acquired so much knowledge at his age. He never had to pause or draw reference from a book while conducting live interviews.   I was amazed by his demeanor and confidence as he spoke so eloquently without skipping a beat from topic to topic. He was so well versed on topics pertaining to spiritual knowledge.  He talked about expansion and how to  expand yourself.  I  was able to  find something that  resonated with my spirit when I became open and willing to listen. I spend hours listening to different topics. You are probably saying “how did she  find the time”?  Well I listen on my way to work, on my break, lunch hour, driving home, I cut back on television to learn how to move to the next level of my expansion.

Sevan has created websites full of ALL the information you need, from books to videos showing you how to work on yourself because you are everything. The books are free for you to read,  some are downloadable on his website! This was hard for me to believe until I downloaded his free book “Code to The Matrix”.

I am so excited because I ordered my colon cleansing kit last night!  First things first. You have to cleanse your body and get all the old and compacted waste out before moving on to the deeper realms.  I am doing a pre-cleanse while I await the arrival of my Colon Cleansing Kit.  It should be here in a few days. I will keep you posted on my personal experience using the product. Stay with me, watch and learn with me.


To Order colon cleanse:

You Tube Videos by James Sevan Bomar:


How To Restore Your Body

Have you ever felt as though there was more to life than going to work or school?  On Saturday you might get caught up cleaning the house, going on short outings or maybe taking in a movie.  Then comes Sunday, time to go to church.  Before you know it, its Monday.  Back to the same grind.  We do this over and over repeating the same steps and events daily, weekly, monthly, yearly without change.  We grow older, our young bodies mature, then they become diseased from the food we eat and the pollutants we breath.  We look to our health care practitioners to help us.  They think they are helping by filling out bodies with synthetic drugs which continue to break us down.  Eventually we begin to deteriorate. Ailment after ailment.  We complain day after day and say “there must be a better way”.

I am here to tell you that there is a way to restore your body to its optimum state of being.  To regenerate, cleanse and recharge your body.  To feel light without the heaviness of old compacted waste weighing you down. Your mind will be free and open to clearer thinking.  Your body will become less sluggish.  Follow me down the road of purification.  My journey starts now.  Enter the Realm Dynamics with me. There is much to explore.  I am so excited to have embarked on such  phenomenal products.

For more information, visit


How To Become A Celebrity Hairstylist Step #1

You’ve watched many television shows, movies and live plays.  You’ve watched the stars at the Oscars, Grammys and Black Entertainment Television awards  walk the red carpet.  Each time you admired  the hairstyles the celebrities were wearing.  You said to yourself “I could do that”! or “I could have done a better job with her hair!”  Your creative skills may be better, however you weren’t on set styling the celebrities hair!  Why not?  My guess is that you just didn’t know how to get into the circle.  How to land that one gig that would get your feet in the door.

By now you are probably saying “how can this writer tell me how to become a Celebrity Stylist when she is  not a Celebrity Stylist”!?  Well you are right,  I am not a Celebrity Stylist, however, during my Hairstylist journey in New York City, I met Celebrity stylist who shared information with me.  I also had the honor of sitting through a class with Kim Kimble, Celebrity Stylist and Star of L.A. Hair on WE tv a few months ago.  I know that there are a lot of Hairstylist out there who would love to venture into this line of business.  So grab your pen and paper or iPad and jot down these tips that I am about to share with you.

Step #1 –

A.   Write down your Visions and goals.  You need a roadmap to guide you.  You need to know which direction you want to go in.  Celebrities are in different arenas.  Ask yourself the following questions:  Do I like working one on one?  Do I like traveling with all my tools in a carrying case?  Can I deal with the different personalities of the music or film industry? Can I hustle and work quickly while producing excellent work?  What type of hairstyles am I  good at creating or duplicating?  Does the hip-hop world excite me?  Am I  a contemporary, modern or futuristic Stylist?  Who do I want as my clients?   Movie stars,  television hosts, video vixen, reality show personalities?  After you have the answers to the above  questions,  you should know if this is the job for you.

B.  Create a professional portfolio of your best work.   You will need a few models to showcase your work.  You will also need a make-up artist (If you can’t do it yourself) and a photographer.    If you can’t afford to pay  professionals,  then go to where you will find lots of potential models,  photographs and makeup artists who may be starting out and also want to build a portfolio.  You can work together doing test shots.  Test shots are pictures taken by a photographer who wants to try out a new technique etc.  By working together you all can have images to add to you portfolio. There is usually no exchange of money,  just services.  Once you have at least 10 – 12 different looks and hairstyles, you will be ready for the next step.

C.  You will need an Agent. Go on-line to find an agency near you. Just like models need agents, so will you.  This person will be your connection to the celebrity world.  They will handle all of the correspondence and help to get you in the door.   This is not a free service, you will have to pay your agent a percentage of your earnings once they land you a job.  I don’t want to mislead anyone by giving you the impression that the above steps are easy! You have to sell yourself to the agent by showing your work.  They have to like you and your work.   It can take years before you get represented by an agency.

In the beginning,  your Agent may be able to get you on the set working as an assistant.   I know “Assistant”?? Yes, you have to start somewhere.  You are a Newbie to the game.    Holding a can of  hairspray or bobby pins for the up do or standing there watching whats going on so you can learn, may not have been what you expected in the beginning:-(  Do the best you can!   Always be prepared, have a good attitude, look the part.   You have to be professional and at the same time show how eager and excited you are as a Stylist wanting  to show off your great skills by working on a Celebrity.  Eventually people will get to know you.  The more exposure you get the better!  Hang in there.  Good things come to those who work hard and are persistent.  Eventually your Agent  will get you that one Client who will put you on the map!!:-)

Stay tuned for Tip #2 – What do I need to know once I have a Celebrity Client??