Arlene Gray has been a Hairstylist/Non Surgical Specialist for the past 30 years. Owned and operated A’s Hair Salon for  14 years.
Arlene graduated  from Wilfred Beauty Academy in New York City.  Advanced training was completed at Dudley Cosmetology University in Greensboro, North Carolina.  When time permits, Arlene volunteers  at the “Look Good, Feel Better”  program which helps women with Cancer feel and look better utilizing makeup, head wraps and wigs.  She  also volunteers  at The American Cancer Society styling wigs at there wig bank.  While helping out she discovered that there were not many wigs available for women of Ethnic decent.  This prompted her to start a non-profit organization called “Wig Bank of America”. This organization gives free wigs to women who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiology.
Arlene has been a Cosmetology Instructor  at post secondary schools.  She continues to facilitate courses for the State of Florida, along with her own private classes.  Giving back to the community as well as sharing her time, knowledge and wisdom with the youth has been a very rewarding experience for her.  Arlene’s passion for this industry is what motivates her to continue to share and pass on the knowledge to everyone.

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