How to make more money with add -on Braiding Services

A few people have written to me asking why some Hair Braiders can charge $300 for a braid style and get paid what they ask.  While another only charges $100 and clients still try to negotiate with them to drop the price down.  They say there work looks good, just like other Braiders or even better.  They just can’t get paid what they think there work is worth .  Why?

Well for starters, the person that wrote to me does not have a Braiding License .  

When you are registered with the State of Florida after taking the 16 Hour Braiding Course, you then are recognized by the State and Clients as a Professional Hair Braider.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been braiding hair.  Even if you were braiding since you were 10 in you mothers kitchen.  You are NOT considered a professional until you are licensed.

People tend to gravitate to people who can do good work and those who took the time to further their education and get the proper license required for their chosen career.  Here are 4 things you can do to help kick start your career as a Hair Braider and start building your clientele.  You will eventually make the money that you deserve.

  1.  Learn new styles.  Hands on classes are offered on a weekly basis.  Learn – Goddess Braids, Feed in Braids, Ghana Braids,  Faux Locs, Box Braids etc. at
  2. Practice make perfect – Practice on a mannequin or a friends hair.
  3. Offer added services.  You have to make yourself stand out from the rest.  Clients are looking for VALUE for there dollar.  Give them something extra.  For example, if you are going to braid there hair for $150 . Throw in a FREE  shampoo before braiding or offer them their first shampoo after 2 weeks FREE.  You have to give your client a reason to come back to you on a frequent basic although they have braids they still need to see you more than once in 6-8 weeks.

When they return for their FREE shampoo, you can then say “I can make you hair look fresh like you just got it done.  I’ll redo the perimeter of your hair line (front, sides & back) for an additional $30.00.  Now you have just given your client something FREE, along with building trust and loyalty, by showing that you care.  The extra $30.00 is something you would not have gotten if you didn’t do the shampoo for free.  If you do this with 10 clients per month you will have an extra $300.00.

Always remember that building a clientele and getting paid what you think you are worth takes time, consistency and patience.








You are an excellent Braider, You’ve been braiding hair since you were 10 years old.  You can do all the latest styles.  Feed braids, goddess braids, box braids, crochet hairstyles, Ghana braids etc.  Right now you are working from home or you go to your clients homes.  When you tell them the price, they always say its too much.  They tell you that you are in the house and you don’t have any extra expenses to pay so why the high price?  They will tell you that they sit in your kitchen, so how can you charge that much?  It’s time to get the respect that you deserve.  Make the money that you deserve.  It’s time to become a Hair Braiding Professional! Here are the steps:

  1.  Sign up to take The 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course
  2.  Apply to the State of Florida for your Braiding License.
  3. Find a Hair Salon or Braiding Salon that will employ you either on a salary basis or on commission basis.  When you get yourself established, you can become a booth renter and run your own business within someone else’s salon.
  4. Take advanced classes!  Learn, learn, learn.  Watch videos, take classes from the pros.  Educate yourself in all the proper techniques. Try your best to make your work look flawless.
  5. Promote your business using cards, flyers, emails, Facebook  or other social media platforms.  You can even use your friends and family as walking billboards.  Offer to do your best hairstyles on their hair.  When people complement them, all they have to do is give out your cards with your information on it! You can go to Vista print for all your printing needs.  They are very reasonable with their prices.
  6. Once clients start coming to you offer specials and discounts to drive more business to you.
  7. Keep good records of your clients on your phone, tablet or laptops.  You will need to keep a record of their name, phone number and email address.  You need this information to build your clientele list.
  8. Always be punctual.  Arrive at least 15 minutes before your client to prepare your work station.
  9. Value your clients time.  Everyone is very busy these days.  No one has time to come to a salon to sit and wait for their braider.


If you follow those simple 8 rules, you will see your business grow.

**Photo Credit for featured Image – Kamdora Blog