Think Outside the Box – Wedding Guest Need Hairdo’s Too!



When we think of weddings, the first thing that comes to mind is the Bride. The Bride will always need her hair done along with her Bridal party .  It is customary to hire a Hairstylist to come out to the hotel or house of the Bride to get her ready for her big day. Let’s start thinking outside of the box.

The attendees of the wedding also need their hair done.  Some people will be flying in  from out of  town.  They Need a Hairstylist for the day.  There may be people, both men and woman who because of there busy schedule, may not have gotten their hair done.  This is where you come in.

Ask the Bride or Wedding coordinator to send out an invitation (separate from hers) to her guests.  In the envelope, include your business card along with an inviation to come in prior to the wedding day to receive salon services at a discount.  Its up to you.  10 – 30% off.  Tell the Bride that you will do all the work.  For example:

1.  Make up a flyer

2.  Business card

3.  Special discount

4.  Postage

5.  You will help with the labeling and drop off at postoffice

You may even want to give the Bride a special discount for allowing you to use her guest list.  Just think……………if the wedding has 100 people attending, there may be at least 20 to 30 people who may need your services.  Make yourself available the day before for the guest.  Start work early, yes 6am or 7am so that you are able to accomodate as many guests as you can.  This can help to put you on the registry for wedding Stylist!


Photo-shoots – A way to earn extra$$$


On my previous blog, I gave you a few tips on adding another stream of income.     I suggested that you conduct seminars to teach and share your special gift of hairstyling techniques, make-up techniques or whatever it is that you are currently doing that you think the public would be interested in and benefit from.

For those of you who are shy and can’t seem to get used to the idea of speaking in front of 10 to maybe 10,000 people there is an alternative. Photo Shoots may interest you!

If you own a camera or cell phone, you can make your own videos. Edit it and post on social networks or print and use on your business cards, sell prints to your customers that took the pictures just like a professional photographer would.

For those of you who don’t want to do it yourself and would prefer to use a professional photographer, then go to your local community college and ask if they have a photography class. If they do, I am sure they would be happy to recommend there best student who will put their new found skills to work for you!! The cost will be minimal if at all.

Schedule a day and time then ROLL the camera! Make it fun! Invite your clients to come in and get their hair done. Include a FREE MAKEOVER (charge for the hair, makeup is free) You will earn extra money and gain more clients. Have fun doing something different other than “Pumpin the Chair”. Your clients will love you for it!

Tip #4 Make a how – to video of your work

In Tip #3, I suggested that you get into conducting seminars.  Sharing your knowledge.  Teaching your fellow Hairstylist and anyone else who may find your information helpful.  Well, I hope that you were able to get started on your task of building your other streams of income!

There will always be people who do not have the time nor do they care to attend live seminars.  You can still capture that audience by making CD’s. People love to listen to music, lectures and books while they are riding in their cars or relaxing at home.  You should record your seminar and make it available on Amazon, local neighborhood stores or your website.  Start out by selling them at a reasonable price to your clients.

Your topics can be as simple as how to shampoo & blowdry your hair correctly.  Or how to maintain your color in between salon visits!  A step by step guide.  You do it everyday and you also share this information verbally to your clients.  Why not record it and charge a little for it.  You will be surprised, when you see how thankful your clients will be.  Just imagine, being able to take home a part of you with them!  Awesome!


This is something you can start right away.

1, Decide on Topic

2. Purchase Blank CDs

3. Record your presentation

4. Edit

5. Put a label on it

Haven’t you Heard? Did the Beauty Schools tell you this?

Before I give you Tip #4, I want to share something with you and remind the Stylist out there or anyone else who have a need to increase their income that:

You are capable of earning an income, making money doing what you love to do without standing behind the chair all day long (or sitting at your desk or being a stay at home mom or whatever your job or career may be).  You are probably saying to yourself, “how is that possible”?  We were not taught that there were other ways to earn an income as a Stylist. We were told to work  on one client after the other, do the best hairstyle you could do and one day you’ll make it big. Hahaha, truth be told………….that is wrong!  Not true!  You need to know more than how to do someones hair to succeed.


I remember when I first started my career as a HairStylist.  I learned all that I could in Beauty School.  I taught that I was good at “doing hair”, I quickly learned that my idea of doing a good job wasn’t everyone elses.  I worked in a commission salon that only paid me 50% of what I made without a base salary.  At the end of the week if I was lucky, I would take home $50.00!………..Not what I expected as a New Hairstylist that was told in Beauty School that I could graduate and make six figures because I was so good!  I got all A’s in my class.  My work was always perfect! As the years went by, my skills grew and so did my income.   However, I wasn’t taught about business. How to have more than one stream of income at the same time.  While I sleep. While I played with my kids.  No one tell ever asks a stylist………  “What if you broke your leg or arm and couldn’t work?” would you have an income coming in from another source? How would you support yourself or your family? I didn’t think about it back then.  Would you still be able to live in that nice house or drive that nice car?  Think about it…………..hmmmm.


I had to figure it out on my own.  I will save you the time, the mistakes, and the money by sharing with you my experiences.  Subscribe and share this blog with your friends.  Everyone will benefit from the 28 years of experience that I will share with you.  Enjoy this day, you won’t have an opportunity to repeat it! Till next time.  Blessings to All.

Tip #3 How Hairstylist can teach seminars and earn extra money

Now that you have set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts and you are beginning to get your name out there.  People are checking out your work, following you on line. Sharing your pages with friends.   They are getting to know you.  Your clientele is growing. Your appointment book is beginning to fill up with new names. You will start making more money! Remember!  You are now working harder with longer hours on your feet because you have more clients now…………this is a wonderful thing.  But for those of you who don’t want to stop there, you have another option.  Seminars………..Yes you can conduct seminars and teach others what you know how to do best.



Not so.  You are not Just a Hairstylist.  You are a Professional.  Your job is very important. We  listen,  we give advise on hair topics and products.  We even give advise on personal matters that our clients share with us.   I know you may say  “I don’t talk that much”……….Yes you do!  No one goes to a Hairstylist that has no personality or someone who doesn’t utter a word to them throughout their service!  Let me remind you of how much you talk throughout the day:  You answer your phone for your business.  You order products, therefore you have to speak to the sales representative.  You give your clients consultations. You give your clients advise. You speak to your fellow co-workers.  You may even pass out cards or flyers at the grocery store.  You are communicating and sharing ideas.

So, we are all public speakers in one way or the other.  You have a lot of knowledge pinned up inside of you.  You may have to get used to speaking to a larger audience, however, you are all capable of stepping into the land of public speaking.  Yes, public speaking.  You can set up seminars and classes to teach others.  Start out small.  Why not share with your fellow Hairstylist or Beauty Enthusiast and get paid for it?!!


Yes you can Teach!! You are the expert.  You are the one who went to Beauty School!  The one who has passed your state board exam!  The one who conducts the consultations with your clients!  So YOU are an authority in your field.  YOU are the professional. Therefore, you can Teach!!! You already have a PHD behind your name! ………………..Professional Hair Designer!  Do not look at yourself as just a Hairstylist that pumps the chair.



First you have to figure out what you want to teach.  There are a wide variety of subjects.  Hair cutting, permanent waving, chemical straightening, keratin treatments, hair coloring just to mention a few subjects. These are things that you do on a daily basic.

To Do List To Get Started:

1.  Topic – What are you going to speak about?  What do you want people to learn from you?  What information do you have to share?

2.  Research – Although you are an expert in your field, you may still have to do some research so that you will know as much as you can on your topic.  Read books, read articles, review your Cosmetology text-book, look at videos.  Know your topic inside out! Do not get lazy when it comes to research!

3. Put together your Lesson Plan

4.  Prepare your power point and handouts

5.  Choose a date and a location

6.   Advertise your event

Start out small, maybe 5 – 10 people.  Once you have build up your confidence and you are comfortable, then increase your seminars to 20 and so on.  You’ll be surprised how easy it will become.  For those of you who need more information on how to set up your seminar, please fill out the contact form and subscribe to this blog.

TIP #2 How To Get More Clients using Social Media

You have given alot of time thinking about what you are really good at.  You looked at all the photos of your work.  People have complimented you on your work over and over.  You know you are good at what you do!  So, how do you stop pumpin the chair you ask?

1.  Create a YouTube account.  Make videos from your salon –

2.  Create a Facebook Account, give tips, share pictures of your work, ask questions to your audience –

3.  Create an Instagram Page share your photos –

4.  Create a Twitter account, people love to know what their Stylist are doing throughout the day –

Image              Instagram-Icon-logo-100x100

People will begin to know who you are.  You circle will widen.  You will be getting your name out there.  Your clientele will increase, which will mean you will be working more.  Hmmmm, is this what you wanted? There are two answers to this question.  Yes and No. Yes you don’t mind working, you wanted to build a large clientele.  Yes you need the money, more clients mean more money.  Yes its nice to be in demand.  On the flip side of the coin, you may say No.  You will now have to work more days or longer hours to accomodate all of your new found clients.  You will not be able to hang out with your friends as much.  You will miss certain activities with your family because you have to make sure your clients are taken care of.



You can work smarter but not harder by doing a few simple things.  You can be a six figure Hairstylist.  You can be a Celebrity Stylist.  You can own your own salon.  You can be a Platform Artist.  You can create your own products.   YOU CAN STOP PUMPIN THE CHAIR AS MUCH AND EARN MORE MONEY DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! 

Stay tuned  for Tip #3

TIP #1 – How to Earn Extra Cash without Pumpin the Chair

Going to Beauty School was so exciting.  I learned the basic information needed to pass my state board examination.  What I didn’t learn was how to build a clientele base.  How not to work hard but work smart.  Working smart means doubling or tripling  your income without standing behind the chair.  How is that possible you might ask?  Well its simple.  You have to have more than one stream of income.  What I mean by that is that you have to extend yourself beyond the chair.  Do something out of your comfort zone.  You have to put yourself out there.



The best way of putting yourself out there is to first figure out what your strongest skills are.  Ask yourself “what am I  really good at doing”?  “What are my strong points.”?  “Which haircut can I do best”?   “Am I an excellent braider, make-up artist,  hair weaver, colorist”?  Take a good look at yourself and figure out your strongest skills and market it.  You don’t have to wait until you are a certain age.  You may have been the Hairstylist that got started at a young age.  By the time you have 5 years under your belt, you may only be 25 or 30  years old, which is fine.   Don’t wait till you have been a Hairstylist for 10 or 20 years to branch out!  



Once you figure out your strongest skills, now its time to share with the world.  You can earn extra money by teaching a class, holding a seminar, writing an instructional manuel or E-book.  By doing this you will be helping other grow and at the same time earning more money without having to “Pump the chair”.


Stay Tuned for Tip #2  on “How To Stop Pumpin The Chair”