Standing All Day! Will our legs still look beautiful?

Legs, legs  and more legs!  Men love looking at beautiful legs.  Women love having beautiful legs.  Shapely legs look nice under a dress, mini skirt or shorts.  Some of us will do anything to have a sexy pair of legs!

As a hairstylist most of us stand between 6 to 12 hours per day. We wear fashionable shoes that look nice and trendy.  We work wearing stilettos and  sexy high heel boots.  Some people might  ask “why don’t we just work in sneakers or shoes that are appropriate for standing”?  Let me answer that – “because we want to look cute and fashionable while working”!!! We will sacrifice the health of our legs for fashion.

Let’s be sensible ladies and gents.  We need to follow these simple steps to keep our legs looking beautiful and shapely:

1.  If possible, sit down and place your feet on a stool for 15 minutes between clients

2.  Bring comfortable shoes to work with you.  Change into them after two to three hours of standing

3.  Wear supportive panty hose (I know they are ugly!, however, they will prevent you from getting varicose  veins!!

4.  Exercise – go bike riding, swimming, walking, jogging, stair climbing, aerobics

5.  Last but not least, get a foot massage!  Yes! You can go to a masseuse or ask  your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend to massage your feet and legs.  You will be happy you did!:-)

Client wants to give Hair Directions WWUD?


How do you feel about clients coming to you with a step by step guide on how to do their color or hair cut or hair extensions? Would
it upset you as a Professional Hair Stylist? Would you feel insulted?Would it make you feel that they didn’t trust your ability to mix their color or apply it correctly?  Would you accept their instructions and do it there way?

You might ask yourself, “Would someone give instructions to their Doctor on how to operate on them”? Even if the client watched 10 Youtube tutorials, got information from Google or yahoo answers, do they still have the authority to question your judgment?

On the flip side, I heard people say that they know their hair. They know what works and what doesn’t. They have styled there hair all their life and no one can advise them about their hair. What would your response be? How would you handle this situation? Stylist around the world would like to know. Please leave a comment.

Click on “Ask The Stylist”

Do you have questions about Ethnic Hair?

Relaxers?  Braids? Hair Extensions? Hair Loss questions? What type of Hair Extensions to purchase?  If you do and you already Googled or went to Yahoo answers looking for the best link or answer to your question but still feel you need more info from a live person, please feel free to click on “Ask The Stylist” which will be moi, Arlene.  I have 28 years of experience that I will love to share with you.  So simply leave a question, your name, Continue reading “Click on “Ask The Stylist””

The Black Salon in our Neighborhood

When I was growing up, Black Hair Salons  used to be a meeting place for  Women to get together.  It was a home away from home where we knew we would bump into our homegirl, our cousin, or our Brothers ex girlfriend that you never liked.  LOL!   It was a place we could socialize, chill and get caught up on the happening in and around the neighborhood.   We look forward to our hair appointments every week or bi-weekly.  It was a time for us to get our hair done, meet with our “salon family”.  By saying “salon family”, I am referring to the people that we saw  on a regular basis.  We didn’t always know each others names, but we knew each other’s faces and what they had going on in their life. Even though we had to wait hours upon hours to get in the chair, it didn’t matter. We were busy chatting with each other,  too busy to notice the drama that would sometimes unfolding around us.


In Black salons we always have  something to talk about.  It’s not about just getting  our hair done.   We had the television on, and  that might spark a conversation from politics, food, decorating, relationships, you name it!  We always had something that we could talk about.  The debates that went on!  Oh my goodness!  If only I had a tape recorder back  then.

Even though we spend hours and sometimes the entire day getting our hair done, we never complained.  Well, at least not to the Stylist.  It was just a way of life for  us.   It was always worth the wait.  Believe it or not, I looked forward to the next week.