Big HAIR! How much is too MUCH!!


I luv, luv Big Hair!! I should have been born in Texas! Big Hair don’t care! That’s my motto! Well it seems that America has gone wild with hair. They have gone crazy with hair extensions and wigs. Hair and more Hair! Hardly anyone wears there own hair anymore. I constantly keep getting request from all nationalities to add more hair to their heads. They want hair from Indians. Brazilians, Cambodians, Russians, Europeans, Asians. If their coins are low, they will request synthetic hair!!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Business is good for me and the hair manufacturers and distributors , however, I was just wondering what this world is coming to when women aren’t willing to work with what God gave them.

There seems to always be a need for more……..bigger……..longer……..thicker hair. Is this just temporary? A craze? Will women continue chasing the hair wagon to be the first to have the so called best hair in the world?


Client wants to give Hair Directions WWUD?


How do you feel about clients coming to you with a step by step guide on how to do their color or hair cut or hair extensions? Would
it upset you as a Professional Hair Stylist? Would you feel insulted?Would it make you feel that they didn’t trust your ability to mix their color or apply it correctly?  Would you accept their instructions and do it there way?

You might ask yourself, “Would someone give instructions to their Doctor on how to operate on them”? Even if the client watched 10 Youtube tutorials, got information from Google or yahoo answers, do they still have the authority to question your judgment?

On the flip side, I heard people say that they know their hair. They know what works and what doesn’t. They have styled there hair all their life and no one can advise them about their hair. What would your response be? How would you handle this situation? Stylist around the world would like to know. Please leave a comment.

Click on “Ask The Stylist”

Do you have questions about Ethnic Hair?

Relaxers?  Braids? Hair Extensions? Hair Loss questions? What type of Hair Extensions to purchase?  If you do and you already Googled or went to Yahoo answers looking for the best link or answer to your question but still feel you need more info from a live person, please feel free to click on “Ask The Stylist” which will be moi, Arlene.  I have 28 years of experience that I will love to share with you.  So simply leave a question, your name, Continue reading “Click on “Ask The Stylist””

Tip #4 Make a how – to video of your work

In Tip #3, I suggested that you get into conducting seminars.  Sharing your knowledge.  Teaching your fellow Hairstylist and anyone else who may find your information helpful.  Well, I hope that you were able to get started on your task of building your other streams of income!

There will always be people who do not have the time nor do they care to attend live seminars.  You can still capture that audience by making CD’s. People love to listen to music, lectures and books while they are riding in their cars or relaxing at home.  You should record your seminar and make it available on Amazon, local neighborhood stores or your website.  Start out by selling them at a reasonable price to your clients.

Your topics can be as simple as how to shampoo & blowdry your hair correctly.  Or how to maintain your color in between salon visits!  A step by step guide.  You do it everyday and you also share this information verbally to your clients.  Why not record it and charge a little for it.  You will be surprised, when you see how thankful your clients will be.  Just imagine, being able to take home a part of you with them!  Awesome!


This is something you can start right away.

1, Decide on Topic

2. Purchase Blank CDs

3. Record your presentation

4. Edit

5. Put a label on it

The Black Salon in our Neighborhood

When I was growing up, Black Hair Salons  used to be a meeting place for  Women to get together.  It was a home away from home where we knew we would bump into our homegirl, our cousin, or our Brothers ex girlfriend that you never liked.  LOL!   It was a place we could socialize, chill and get caught up on the happening in and around the neighborhood.   We look forward to our hair appointments every week or bi-weekly.  It was a time for us to get our hair done, meet with our “salon family”.  By saying “salon family”, I am referring to the people that we saw  on a regular basis.  We didn’t always know each others names, but we knew each other’s faces and what they had going on in their life. Even though we had to wait hours upon hours to get in the chair, it didn’t matter. We were busy chatting with each other,  too busy to notice the drama that would sometimes unfolding around us.


In Black salons we always have  something to talk about.  It’s not about just getting  our hair done.   We had the television on, and  that might spark a conversation from politics, food, decorating, relationships, you name it!  We always had something that we could talk about.  The debates that went on!  Oh my goodness!  If only I had a tape recorder back  then.

Even though we spend hours and sometimes the entire day getting our hair done, we never complained.  Well, at least not to the Stylist.  It was just a way of life for  us.   It was always worth the wait.  Believe it or not, I looked forward to the next week.

Haven’t you Heard? Did the Beauty Schools tell you this?

Before I give you Tip #4, I want to share something with you and remind the Stylist out there or anyone else who have a need to increase their income that:

You are capable of earning an income, making money doing what you love to do without standing behind the chair all day long (or sitting at your desk or being a stay at home mom or whatever your job or career may be).  You are probably saying to yourself, “how is that possible”?  We were not taught that there were other ways to earn an income as a Stylist. We were told to work  on one client after the other, do the best hairstyle you could do and one day you’ll make it big. Hahaha, truth be told………….that is wrong!  Not true!  You need to know more than how to do someones hair to succeed.


I remember when I first started my career as a HairStylist.  I learned all that I could in Beauty School.  I taught that I was good at “doing hair”, I quickly learned that my idea of doing a good job wasn’t everyone elses.  I worked in a commission salon that only paid me 50% of what I made without a base salary.  At the end of the week if I was lucky, I would take home $50.00!………..Not what I expected as a New Hairstylist that was told in Beauty School that I could graduate and make six figures because I was so good!  I got all A’s in my class.  My work was always perfect! As the years went by, my skills grew and so did my income.   However, I wasn’t taught about business. How to have more than one stream of income at the same time.  While I sleep. While I played with my kids.  No one tell ever asks a stylist………  “What if you broke your leg or arm and couldn’t work?” would you have an income coming in from another source? How would you support yourself or your family? I didn’t think about it back then.  Would you still be able to live in that nice house or drive that nice car?  Think about it…………..hmmmm.


I had to figure it out on my own.  I will save you the time, the mistakes, and the money by sharing with you my experiences.  Subscribe and share this blog with your friends.  Everyone will benefit from the 28 years of experience that I will share with you.  Enjoy this day, you won’t have an opportunity to repeat it! Till next time.  Blessings to All.

Tip #3 How Hairstylist can teach seminars and earn extra money

Now that you have set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts and you are beginning to get your name out there.  People are checking out your work, following you on line. Sharing your pages with friends.   They are getting to know you.  Your clientele is growing. Your appointment book is beginning to fill up with new names. You will start making more money! Remember!  You are now working harder with longer hours on your feet because you have more clients now…………this is a wonderful thing.  But for those of you who don’t want to stop there, you have another option.  Seminars………..Yes you can conduct seminars and teach others what you know how to do best.



Not so.  You are not Just a Hairstylist.  You are a Professional.  Your job is very important. We  listen,  we give advise on hair topics and products.  We even give advise on personal matters that our clients share with us.   I know you may say  “I don’t talk that much”……….Yes you do!  No one goes to a Hairstylist that has no personality or someone who doesn’t utter a word to them throughout their service!  Let me remind you of how much you talk throughout the day:  You answer your phone for your business.  You order products, therefore you have to speak to the sales representative.  You give your clients consultations. You give your clients advise. You speak to your fellow co-workers.  You may even pass out cards or flyers at the grocery store.  You are communicating and sharing ideas.

So, we are all public speakers in one way or the other.  You have a lot of knowledge pinned up inside of you.  You may have to get used to speaking to a larger audience, however, you are all capable of stepping into the land of public speaking.  Yes, public speaking.  You can set up seminars and classes to teach others.  Start out small.  Why not share with your fellow Hairstylist or Beauty Enthusiast and get paid for it?!!


Yes you can Teach!! You are the expert.  You are the one who went to Beauty School!  The one who has passed your state board exam!  The one who conducts the consultations with your clients!  So YOU are an authority in your field.  YOU are the professional. Therefore, you can Teach!!! You already have a PHD behind your name! ………………..Professional Hair Designer!  Do not look at yourself as just a Hairstylist that pumps the chair.



First you have to figure out what you want to teach.  There are a wide variety of subjects.  Hair cutting, permanent waving, chemical straightening, keratin treatments, hair coloring just to mention a few subjects. These are things that you do on a daily basic.

To Do List To Get Started:

1.  Topic – What are you going to speak about?  What do you want people to learn from you?  What information do you have to share?

2.  Research – Although you are an expert in your field, you may still have to do some research so that you will know as much as you can on your topic.  Read books, read articles, review your Cosmetology text-book, look at videos.  Know your topic inside out! Do not get lazy when it comes to research!

3. Put together your Lesson Plan

4.  Prepare your power point and handouts

5.  Choose a date and a location

6.   Advertise your event

Start out small, maybe 5 – 10 people.  Once you have build up your confidence and you are comfortable, then increase your seminars to 20 and so on.  You’ll be surprised how easy it will become.  For those of you who need more information on how to set up your seminar, please fill out the contact form and subscribe to this blog.