The Journey from Beauty School to becoming a Celebrity Stylist


The Beauty Industry has come alone way. When I started out 28 years ago, we had to wear a white uniform with white shoes.  We looked like Nurses with make-up on and big hair!   We were taught proper posture, etiquette, and how to provide good service.  The customer was our first priority.  We were there to serve them.  We learned basic hair styling with very strong foundations on cuts, color, roller placement etc.  To this day, I have not forgotten the principles I was taught in 1985 at Wilfred Beauty Academy in New York City.

Fast forward to 2014.  There are hundreds  of Beauty Schools and Beauty Academies out there.  Everyone is trying to get students in and out with a Cosmetology Diploma as quickly as possible to increase their revenue without any taught  of the student.  As a Cosmetology Instructor,  I have seen first hand the lack of professionalism in the school system which trickles down to the students.  Students are told that they can graduate and become whatever they want.  Platform Artist, Salon Owner, Celebrity Stylist etc.  Which is true, however, there is a problem……….they didn’t tell you what you needed to know to become successful!   How do you become a Celebrity Stylist?  Where do you start?  Who do you have to talk to?  Do you need an agent?  How do you get a portfolio?  What skill set is needed?  So many questions!!!

Well, I have some information that I can share with you that comes straight from a Celebrity Stylist,  I will share 5 tips that will jumpstart you onto the path of Celebrity Styling and a six-figure income.


Haven’t you Heard? Did the Beauty Schools tell you this?

Before I give you Tip #4, I want to share something with you and remind the Stylist out there or anyone else who have a need to increase their income that:

You are capable of earning an income, making money doing what you love to do without standing behind the chair all day long (or sitting at your desk or being a stay at home mom or whatever your job or career may be).  You are probably saying to yourself, “how is that possible”?  We were not taught that there were other ways to earn an income as a Stylist. We were told to work  on one client after the other, do the best hairstyle you could do and one day you’ll make it big. Hahaha, truth be told………….that is wrong!  Not true!  You need to know more than how to do someones hair to succeed.


I remember when I first started my career as a HairStylist.  I learned all that I could in Beauty School.  I taught that I was good at “doing hair”, I quickly learned that my idea of doing a good job wasn’t everyone elses.  I worked in a commission salon that only paid me 50% of what I made without a base salary.  At the end of the week if I was lucky, I would take home $50.00!………..Not what I expected as a New Hairstylist that was told in Beauty School that I could graduate and make six figures because I was so good!  I got all A’s in my class.  My work was always perfect! As the years went by, my skills grew and so did my income.   However, I wasn’t taught about business. How to have more than one stream of income at the same time.  While I sleep. While I played with my kids.  No one tell ever asks a stylist………  “What if you broke your leg or arm and couldn’t work?” would you have an income coming in from another source? How would you support yourself or your family? I didn’t think about it back then.  Would you still be able to live in that nice house or drive that nice car?  Think about it…………..hmmmm.


I had to figure it out on my own.  I will save you the time, the mistakes, and the money by sharing with you my experiences.  Subscribe and share this blog with your friends.  Everyone will benefit from the 28 years of experience that I will share with you.  Enjoy this day, you won’t have an opportunity to repeat it! Till next time.  Blessings to All.

Beauty School Sucks! The Secrets they didn’t tell you on how to be Successful.

You were very creative with your hands.  You loved hair and or fashion.  You wanted to make everyone look nice.  You wanted to work for yourself, start your own business.   You went to the salon and sat there all day long……just watching how skillfully the Stylist were doing their job.  You started going to college, then realized that it wasn’t for you or you graduated from college and deceided that you wanted to follow your dreams to enter into  the Beauty Industry.  Well if the above sounds like you, you are not alone!


I was that High School Grad who wanted to be the best hairstylist in the world.  The person who loved, loved Hair!!   I graduated from Beauty School, Worked on Commission, Rented a Chair in someones salon, Worked as a Platform Artist, Opened my own salons, Taught in Cosmetology School.  Each of these experiences have taught me alot about the Beauty Industry.  After 28 years I have alot to share.  Follow me, subscribe to this blog, I will give you step by step accounts of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do to grow your business.  The things they didn’t tell you or teach you in Beauty School!  I will share helpful tips on how to make your life easier and  how you can make money without pumpin that chair until your legs fall off!!