The Journey from Beauty School to becoming a Celebrity Stylist


The Beauty Industry has come alone way. When I started out 28 years ago, we had to wear a white uniform with white shoes.  We looked like Nurses with make-up on and big hair!   We were taught proper posture, etiquette, and how to provide good service.  The customer was our first priority.  We were there to serve them.  We learned basic hair styling with very strong foundations on cuts, color, roller placement etc.  To this day, I have not forgotten the principles I was taught in 1985 at Wilfred Beauty Academy in New York City.

Fast forward to 2014.  There are hundreds  of Beauty Schools and Beauty Academies out there.  Everyone is trying to get students in and out with a Cosmetology Diploma as quickly as possible to increase their revenue without any taught  of the student.  As a Cosmetology Instructor,  I have seen first hand the lack of professionalism in the school system which trickles down to the students.  Students are told that they can graduate and become whatever they want.  Platform Artist, Salon Owner, Celebrity Stylist etc.  Which is true, however, there is a problem……….they didn’t tell you what you needed to know to become successful!   How do you become a Celebrity Stylist?  Where do you start?  Who do you have to talk to?  Do you need an agent?  How do you get a portfolio?  What skill set is needed?  So many questions!!!

Well, I have some information that I can share with you that comes straight from a Celebrity Stylist,  I will share 5 tips that will jumpstart you onto the path of Celebrity Styling and a six-figure income.