How To Become A Celebrity Hairstylist Step #1

You’ve watched many television shows, movies and live plays.  You’ve watched the stars at the Oscars, Grammys and Black Entertainment Television awards  walk the red carpet.  Each time you admired  the hairstyles the celebrities were wearing.  You said to yourself “I could do that”! or “I could have done a better job with her hair!”  Your creative skills may be better, however you weren’t on set styling the celebrities hair!  Why not?  My guess is that you just didn’t know how to get into the circle.  How to land that one gig that would get your feet in the door.

By now you are probably saying “how can this writer tell me how to become a Celebrity Stylist when she is  not a Celebrity Stylist”!?  Well you are right,  I am not a Celebrity Stylist, however, during my Hairstylist journey in New York City, I met Celebrity stylist who shared information with me.  I also had the honor of sitting through a class with Kim Kimble, Celebrity Stylist and Star of L.A. Hair on WE tv a few months ago.  I know that there are a lot of Hairstylist out there who would love to venture into this line of business.  So grab your pen and paper or iPad and jot down these tips that I am about to share with you.

Step #1 –

A.   Write down your Visions and goals.  You need a roadmap to guide you.  You need to know which direction you want to go in.  Celebrities are in different arenas.  Ask yourself the following questions:  Do I like working one on one?  Do I like traveling with all my tools in a carrying case?  Can I deal with the different personalities of the music or film industry? Can I hustle and work quickly while producing excellent work?  What type of hairstyles am I  good at creating or duplicating?  Does the hip-hop world excite me?  Am I  a contemporary, modern or futuristic Stylist?  Who do I want as my clients?   Movie stars,  television hosts, video vixen, reality show personalities?  After you have the answers to the above  questions,  you should know if this is the job for you.

B.  Create a professional portfolio of your best work.   You will need a few models to showcase your work.  You will also need a make-up artist (If you can’t do it yourself) and a photographer.    If you can’t afford to pay  professionals,  then go to where you will find lots of potential models,  photographs and makeup artists who may be starting out and also want to build a portfolio.  You can work together doing test shots.  Test shots are pictures taken by a photographer who wants to try out a new technique etc.  By working together you all can have images to add to you portfolio. There is usually no exchange of money,  just services.  Once you have at least 10 – 12 different looks and hairstyles, you will be ready for the next step.

C.  You will need an Agent. Go on-line to find an agency near you. Just like models need agents, so will you.  This person will be your connection to the celebrity world.  They will handle all of the correspondence and help to get you in the door.   This is not a free service, you will have to pay your agent a percentage of your earnings once they land you a job.  I don’t want to mislead anyone by giving you the impression that the above steps are easy! You have to sell yourself to the agent by showing your work.  They have to like you and your work.   It can take years before you get represented by an agency.

In the beginning,  your Agent may be able to get you on the set working as an assistant.   I know “Assistant”?? Yes, you have to start somewhere.  You are a Newbie to the game.    Holding a can of  hairspray or bobby pins for the up do or standing there watching whats going on so you can learn, may not have been what you expected in the beginning:-(  Do the best you can!   Always be prepared, have a good attitude, look the part.   You have to be professional and at the same time show how eager and excited you are as a Stylist wanting  to show off your great skills by working on a Celebrity.  Eventually people will get to know you.  The more exposure you get the better!  Hang in there.  Good things come to those who work hard and are persistent.  Eventually your Agent  will get you that one Client who will put you on the map!!:-)

Stay tuned for Tip #2 – What do I need to know once I have a Celebrity Client??


Haven’t you Heard? Did the Beauty Schools tell you this?

Before I give you Tip #4, I want to share something with you and remind the Stylist out there or anyone else who have a need to increase their income that:

You are capable of earning an income, making money doing what you love to do without standing behind the chair all day long (or sitting at your desk or being a stay at home mom or whatever your job or career may be).  You are probably saying to yourself, “how is that possible”?  We were not taught that there were other ways to earn an income as a Stylist. We were told to work  on one client after the other, do the best hairstyle you could do and one day you’ll make it big. Hahaha, truth be told………….that is wrong!  Not true!  You need to know more than how to do someones hair to succeed.


I remember when I first started my career as a HairStylist.  I learned all that I could in Beauty School.  I taught that I was good at “doing hair”, I quickly learned that my idea of doing a good job wasn’t everyone elses.  I worked in a commission salon that only paid me 50% of what I made without a base salary.  At the end of the week if I was lucky, I would take home $50.00!………..Not what I expected as a New Hairstylist that was told in Beauty School that I could graduate and make six figures because I was so good!  I got all A’s in my class.  My work was always perfect! As the years went by, my skills grew and so did my income.   However, I wasn’t taught about business. How to have more than one stream of income at the same time.  While I sleep. While I played with my kids.  No one tell ever asks a stylist………  “What if you broke your leg or arm and couldn’t work?” would you have an income coming in from another source? How would you support yourself or your family? I didn’t think about it back then.  Would you still be able to live in that nice house or drive that nice car?  Think about it…………..hmmmm.


I had to figure it out on my own.  I will save you the time, the mistakes, and the money by sharing with you my experiences.  Subscribe and share this blog with your friends.  Everyone will benefit from the 28 years of experience that I will share with you.  Enjoy this day, you won’t have an opportunity to repeat it! Till next time.  Blessings to All.