Photo-shoots – A way to earn extra$$$


On my previous blog, I gave you a few tips on adding another stream of income.     I suggested that you conduct seminars to teach and share your special gift of hairstyling techniques, make-up techniques or whatever it is that you are currently doing that you think the public would be interested in and benefit from.

For those of you who are shy and can’t seem to get used to the idea of speaking in front of 10 to maybe 10,000 people there is an alternative. Photo Shoots may interest you!

If you own a camera or cell phone, you can make your own videos. Edit it and post on social networks or print and use on your business cards, sell prints to your customers that took the pictures just like a professional photographer would.

For those of you who don’t want to do it yourself and would prefer to use a professional photographer, then go to your local community college and ask if they have a photography class. If they do, I am sure they would be happy to recommend there best student who will put their new found skills to work for you!! The cost will be minimal if at all.

Schedule a day and time then ROLL the camera! Make it fun! Invite your clients to come in and get their hair done. Include a FREE MAKEOVER (charge for the hair, makeup is free) You will earn extra money and gain more clients. Have fun doing something different other than “Pumpin the Chair”. Your clients will love you for it!